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Sexy zero suit samus naked

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No person in their right mind, regardless of sex, would choose to be be ugly, fat, and stupid, but be accepted for it, rather than just be born with fantastic genes that made you good looking, fit, and smart.

June 14, at Whether we admit it or not, its part of what makes games attractive and appealing. Eternal phoenix Fire Smash Hero May 23, Galenmereth you're attacking the motives of people who talk about this issue. Yvette nipar nude. Nintendo is taking for granted the fact that it's got one of the oldest, strongest female protagonists in videogame history on its hands, but the company doesn't seem to be interested in Metroid without the sexualised Zero Suit Samus. I mean no disrespect at all through my comment.

Meaning a lot of people on here. Sexy zero suit samus naked. Sex itself is a daily aspect of life, sexual identity is a big part of who we are. Not once do you see her midriff. That justifies complete hypocricy? Because we see females like that in real life that's just fine. It's sexualized if you think it is so if you are in the media of curse you are going to bash at it. Carvela nude heels. July 24, at What do you tell your kids at the beach when they see a woman or man wearing almost nothing?

It not something i'm going to lose sleep over but it would be nice to see characters treated with more respect instead of "boobs and heels sell and everyone else is doing it so we'll just do it too. Zatioichi Going after anything that practices objectification of women is going to help. What was my reaction you ask? Status Not open for further replies. I'd rather any character be aesthetically pleasing than be accurate to most of the real human population.

Some SAO stuff would be awesome too. Metroid Primeon the other hand, underlined Samus sheer genius in terms of biology and evolution, which are fields she studied for some time. It doesn't bother them why should it bother anyone else and why do people think they have the right to dictate how a woman should look or dress. Metroid is my favorite series ever, but the sexual element has always bothered me.

What I was referring to were the insults several people have been sending each other. That would be horrifying at epically proportioned levels. She's not going to find mehe promised emptily. Halloll Follow Forum Posts: Women are pretty creatures!!!

Sexy zero suit samus naked

She's a bounty hunter. Hot redhead milf porn. I've never thought of Samus half naked, because I'm always focused on the actual game.

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You're making broad generalizations about a diverse group of people making statements that are absolutely unprovable.

This site uses cookies. English milf blowjob. We get an entire final segment of the game where we play as Samus in her Zero Suit. Thread starter werty14 Start date May 23, It's not like anyone's stopping you intentionally.

People really need to get out of their computers and have a breath of fresh air in their faces in order to see that there's nothing wrong with a different clothing for her. Strictly Business Pit sidled along the wall down the hallway, his head turning this way and that, trying to keep his cover.

Any bit of skin shown below the neck and people lose their poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople. Sexy zero suit samus naked. I agree that this outfit is too sexualized for a Nintendo game, but it could have been worse and it's not something to freak out over when there's games like Dead or Alive and Mortal Kombat.

No noticeable eyeshadow,and a simple nude looking lip,the dark lashes could be mascara but could just be naturally thick. The article wasn't going 'oh no, this is to sexy for children to see! January 12, at And since you probably won't understand that it isn't to titillate Americans I am here to tell you that this oufit was a NES golf game.

Well think about it, why does Samus wear the power suit? Granted, it would be rude to take off your shirt in public whether you're a guy or not, and there are many cases where modesty would come in to play. River What do you mean? God, I was reading this comic http: I can't wait to kick some donkey while looking hot.

Because even in these outfits, she's still pretty much kicking up everyone's donkeys.

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So it's Samus for all the guys. Ultimate also feature an alternate form of Samus called Zero Suit Samus, in which she wears her Zero Suit instead of her Power Suit, which in turn grants her a significantly different set of movements, attacks and even a separate Final Smash.

It appears that you are using ad block: They aren't males yet they are the ones among my friends that have a had the ''I would play as this version of Samus all the time'' response.

I did directly say that many social justice warriors make issues out of non issues. On the other hand, she is the hero, not some pathetic damsel in distress, though. Nude women hustler. The Zero Suit I do believe is a little over done not only does it look uncomfortable its really a pointless costume. Samus is from a series that is aimed at older audiences, she's clearly a young athletic woman, and her appearance is likely in line with not only other female video game characters, but other women her own age.

Samus is a character that proves contrary to this belief and people need to calm down every time they see her in short shorts or a bikini.

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