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I have a ton of rogue trader era stuff. Milf xxx com. Then again, it must feel good living in a bubble where the whole world is such a great place and you feel you know everything: This looks less like "We're putting in a gay planet" and more like "Moving forward we're going to be enabling both gay and straight romances in the new content, but we're still working on enabling it for the existing content.

Some sort of unique gaydiation? Seriously though, my first thought is "Shunting it off to a paid expansion gives the knuckle-draggers something to "boycott" while they give themselves heart disease with Chick-Fil-A sammiches. If you implement same-sex companion romances you either have to lock out those who have already completed their conversation chains possibly forcing them to re-roll OR you have to reset all of your companions conversation chains forcing everyone to sit through those conversations a second time.

If I'm playing a female character and I want to do the romance option Why can it not have stuff like hermaphrodite and non gender character? Despite our ability to empathise and identify with characters who are different to us, restricting players to a single viewpoint in an interactive medium means restricting the number of players who want to play - and that alone is enough for companies like Bioware to broaden the field.

A decision has yet to be announced. Swtor lesbian marriage. Omg, that is the best analogy ever! Yes, obviously this is a strong argument for doing it right the first time. Like, the charr personal stories are pretty good, but the human ones are dull. Always thought that whole no attachments thing felt a bit contrived myself.

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! IF you think that people saying right things on the internet is media cancer…. Stop trying to bring them into the discussion. I would rather kill things. Bugger, I have to upvote you now. Big booty nude photos. And bear in mind, we had a Facebook group. Players can choose different dialogue snippets, from straightforward to downright come-hither.

If you want to have your character be gay, it's going to cost you money for access to this one specific planet at the ass end of the galaxy where all the gay is. It seems strange to be giving a company credit for making a pay-to-gay planet, an ostracised world of same-gender romance, but to be fair to SW: We judge other collectives that way. At least some of these characters will be open to the idea of same gender romances.

A few did have strong opinions on the actual matter of SGR. Is this indicative of your familiarity with the lore, then?

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This series goes hand in hand with the Macrobinocular as they ask you to travel through the same planets.

I don't like the amount of suspension of belief I require to make this romance reasonable in my head. Malavai - Him and Torian are my top two female romances and probably my top two overall. Hot indian nude women. I also thought Corso was okay but I can understand why some people hate him. Well, I don't play it anymore. There's only so many times you can use the canned generic lines that the player character has. Nonetheless, the ultimate point is, so what? Spoiler Female romance options self. What could I say? Paradigm68 Member Uncommon Posts: I half wonder whether it would have been better to wait until they could add additional full companions - maybe 2 for each side?

Your description of Doc was most eloquent, rofl. Swtor lesbian marriage. But it's always there. Hi def lesbian videos. Still can't get that mole out of my brain. When Lana met Viri, or how two demisexual, bisexual Sith Lords with an intense connection finally found each other.

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I even liked his arrogance, even as I also liked to see it crack a bit. I think you just skipped over what I said when you say my "buzz word". It's unfortunate that the same-sex romances that are coming thus far are on that one planet, rather than retrofitting previous romances.

Vector is also a nice guy, but the bug thing is just… nope. Lana knows how to make the time pass more agreeably. How on Earth did anyone think doing this was a good idea? You have the desert planet, the ice planet, the jungle planet, the city planet, the swamp planet, the cloud planet, the planet they built to blow up other planets and now the gay planet.

Well despite Bioware's "we're really gay friendly" claims, they have pretty much been consistent on the clumsy handling of same-sex PR. In the Rise of the Hutt Cartel, there is a lady on Republic side you can flirt with regardless of your gender, and a guy on Imperial side you can flirt with if you're a guy. All he does is whine about how much he hates Malavai every time I talk to him.

For some reason it gets some really odd bad press in the blogosphere which I guess you can just ignore anyway, bearing in mind the nature of that sort of thing and I'm dubious about the claims businesses like this often make. Interracial lesbian licking. Playing different characters is always fun.

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Maria grazia cucinotta nude pics Eden takes the risk and invites Darth Vowrawn to Odessan - both an old friend and the secret keeper to their lost memories. His few interesting traits were his trust issues and high strung nature, which was at least entertaining when he clashed with Bastila and the others. I'm totally going to win the roll to not kill the Captain this time.
Hot legs and tits I try to bring this topic up in chat every time people start talking about romances, so I thought I'd add one more voice to this thread. Kind of fucked up if true, isolating same sex relationships to insanely past launch and only on one planet where one assumes the gays are dropped off on.
Nude ski bunnies They can all say what they want. Anyways… In time I moved most of my toons to this guild.
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